Walking in Footsteps of Promise


Walking in Footsteps of Promise is the unadorned account of my evolution as a human being in my quest to find a place in this world. My journey has without a doubt been an arduous one, with many ups and downs, but through it all I have preserved and remained resolute in my determination to succeed against all odds.

Looking back on my life I have realized that my quest for a higher purpose and burning desire to seek meaning in life is actually a recurring theme that in many ways has always unconsciously been there. All along I have been walking in these footsteps of promise, unwittingly following the path paved by my ancestors long ago.

I sincerely hope that through my story you will gain renewed inspiration for the pursuit of your own dreams. At the very least I wish that Walking in Footsteps of Promise will remind you that you are not alone in experiencing failure and hardship; and that the triumph of the human spirit over adversity is an old tale which must be constantly rewritten with each challenge that life brings.

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Squash Diary: The Story Of How Squash Saved My Life 

On the night of March 10th, 2007 Kiran Dellimore’s life changed forever. A near-fatal car accident left him unconscious near the roadside with a broken arm and leg. Through a sequence of journal entries, Squash Diary takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride through Kiran’s recovery, while touching on many contemporary issues ranging from sportsmanship to racism in sports. It is the story of how one man’s passion for the game of squash transformed his life by becoming the force that drove his dramatic recovery from tragedy. Squash Diary is an uplifting story about strength of character, relentless goal setting, determination and the triumph of the human spirit over adversity.

Fresh Ereba: A Collection of Caribbean Bedtime Stories for Children

Fresh Ereba is an enthralling collection of ten children’s bedtime stories told in the style of traditional Caribbean folk tales. This must-have anthology includes illustrations as well as the popular stories Dawn in Yurumein, How Cassava Came to Have a Bitter Taste and How Fish Learned to Fly. Fresh Ereba is a perfect storytelling resource for parents and grandparents alike seeking to entertain as well as stimulate the enquiring minds of children aged four to ten years old.

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