Finally, after four and a half years of researching, (re)writing, editing, and formatting I have finally published my debut historical fiction novel – Children of the Ocean God. Starting from June 1st 2024, the book is available in e-book and paperback formats on (at all marketplaces), as well as several well-known book retailers worldwideπŸŽ‰.

Children of the Ocean God is set in 1795 on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent (also known as Hiroona in the Kalinago language), against the backdrop of the noble ideals of the French Revolution sweeping their way fervently across the Caribbean. Told from the perspective of both sides in the conflict, the Garifuna and British, and based on actual historical events, the fictional narrative follows the lives of key historical figures in the Second Carib War over an explosive fortnight. A dysfunctional peace treaty with Britain leads to simmering tensions with colonists motivated by greed. At a crucial moment, with British hegemony waning in the Caribbean, the Garifuna foment an all-out war. Supported by French revolutionaries, they attempt to reaffirm their status as citizens of a free nationπŸ’ͺ.

Writing Children of the Ocean God has taught me a great deal about my paternal ancestors, the Garifuna, a unique tribe of mixed African and Amerindian descent. Their culture, traditions and customs, are an integral part of the rich, intangible heritage of the Caribbean region. Furthermore, penning this novel has allowed me to discover a vast trove of information about the colorful, yet less well-known history of the Caribbean. Case in point: Through writing this story I learned for the 1st time the indigenous names of many Eastern Caribbean islands along with their beautiful meanings. Hiroona, which is the focal point of the narrative in Children of the Ocean God, means lands of the blessed πŸ™.

I’m excited (and a bit anxious at the same time) to see how Children of the Ocean God will be received by the reading community. The first reviews are still to come in. Althugh, I did receive a message from my nephew in the US, who said it was good overall, however, he found the ending anticlimactic. It made my day that someone in my family took the time to share in my passion for literature ❀️.

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