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As someone who has long pondered life’s deeper questions and mysteries I was quite curious to read How will you measure your life? I found it to be an intriguing take on a timeless question. While I am unsure that I am sold completely on the approach of the (main) author, Clayton Christensen, I would say that it is worth exploring, at the very least to expand your horizons. His is a rational, methodical approach which is rooted in finding the right theoretical tool or model to suit a given life or business situation and then logically applying it to obtain an informative result. In a sense Mr. Christensen puts forth a seemingly universal approach which is agnostic to the type of situation that one faces. It sounds temptingly simple, yet in practice (and from personal experience) life is rarely so straightforward. In fact, I suspect (based on the hints he gives in the text) that apart from the theories espoused by Mr. Christensen, he has been heavily influenced by his underlying value system as a devout Christian. That is not to say that we don’t all have a fundamental belief system that guides us, but just to point out that Mr. Christensen’s approach may not be value system agnostic. It assumes that the reader has an intrinsic desire and motivation to measure their life and to lead their life in a good way (i.e., to have a net positive impact on the world). Yet what if this is not the case? What I missed in How will you measure your life? is the irrational empiricism that is inherent to the human experience. Moreover, I am not sure this book convincingly answers the questions it poses. It brings you to the water but doesn’t make you drink. Nevertheless, all things considered, I would recommend this book to someone who is searching for ideas and inspiration about how to lead a meaningful life.   

Have you read How will you measure your life?or another of Clayton Christensen’s books or essays? What did you find most insightful in his writing? Please feel free to share your thoughts in a comment below. Thanks as always for visiting my blog! Also, if you would like to receive more updates about my writing please consider joining my newsletter mailing list by subscribing below.

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