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Midnight’s Children is one of the best novels that I have read so far in 2024! It is also happens to be my first Salman Rushdie book. Although I have heard about his writings for a long time, it has surprisingly taken me ages to actually read his work.

Midnight’s Children was worth the wait! Rushdie is an amazing storyteller. He knows how to masterfully weave an intricate plot without overwhelming the reader, while at the same time alternating seamlessly between ‘magical reality’ and actual historical events. The latter in fact make the story all the more captivating as he manages to unravel the complex, interdependent histories of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh in this epic opus. At times while reading the narrative I felt like Padma at his feet, being regaled by his elaborate, at times sad, at times humorous tales.

What I enjoyed most was the imagination of Rushdie in concocting this part fiction, part true story. He shares some very heavy ‘truths’ about post-independence India (for which he faced a defamation lawsuit in India), while at the same managing to keep the story entertaining. In particular he unrepentantly shines a light on the forcible sterilizations that took place in India during the 1975-1977 State of Emergency, as well as the abhorrent, violent repression by Pakistan in an attempt to subdue East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), during the Bangladesh Liberation War.

My only minor quibble with Midnight’s Children is that, a few times I found myself losing the thread of the narrative. Rushdie went off sometimes on tangents, which partially contributed unnecessarily to the novel’s considerable length (over 600 pages in English).

Overall, Midnight’s Children is a masterpiece of modern literature. It is in particular a must-read for anyone seeking to delve into the literary canon of India.

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