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Three Magic Words is a thought-provoking, deeply spiritual and metaphysical book which is worth reading if you are open to expanding your numinous horizons. It will challenge and push you to explore spiritual paths that you perhaps have never previously contemplated. However, I must honestly say that I would not recommend Three Magic Words to everyone as a must-read. It is not the easiest book to read as it does not flow seamlessly, especially in the beginning. I found that I needed a few chapters to get used to Uell S. Andersen‘s writing style. In fact, I actually started to read Three Magic Words a year ago and then stopped after the first chapter. On the second go around I persevered and was rewarded by making it to the end and learning the ‘three magic words.’ Furthermore, I found the writing in Three Magic Words quite dogmatic and preachy, albeit lyrically poetic at times. Andersen shares interesting, profound wisdom as incontrovertible truths. However, much of the “proof” he offers to support these ideas is anecdotal and unscientific. Another slightly off-putting aspect of Three Magic Words is that Andersen has very rigid, conservative views on certain topics, such as love and healthy living, which I do not fully agree with. For instance, he makes it clear that, from his perspective, marriage and love is only between a man and woman which I personally find quite close-minded and counter to the accepting, tolerant concept of the Universal Subconscious Mind that he teaches. Nevertheless, in spite of these minor drawbacks I greatly appreciated having my spiritual boundaries challenged by Andersen’s ideas. What I enjoyed most of all about Three Magic Words were the meditations at the end of each chapter, especially the first one, which I personally find is very beautiful. Indeed, I intend to refer to these meditations from time to time in the future.

Have you read the Three Magic Words? What were your favorite parts? How did it influence your views on spirituality? Please feel free to share your thoughts in a comment.

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