As the scorching hot summer weather slowly gives way to the soothing cool of autumn, with its fleeting warmth and kaleidesope of color, it is a good time to share another writing update. I am happy to report that Children of the Ocean God has been progressing steadily the past few months. The invigorating summer weather has brought me new creative energy to fuel the final push to finish a full draft of my first historical fiction novel.

To find the mental space and inspiration for the end-sprint I recently went on a week-long retreat to Finland. A land of stunning natural beauty with a proud literary tradition. From Aleksis Kivi to Tove Jansson I found myself immersed in a wonderland home to many great authors. Although my time was short I was impressed by my visits to Helsinki and Turku, which are the current and former capitals of Finland. The history, beauty, and resilience of a proud Nordic people was evident and inspiring.

In the coming months I will finish up the last few chapters and keep refining those that are already written. Writing is never over. There is always room for improvement. I am looking forward to share the fruits of my efforts with you very soon. Stay tuned!

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