Hello again! This week I want to share some good news related to my children’s book. Last Saturday I soft-launched the second edition of my anthology Fresh Ereba: A Collection of Caribbean Bedtime Stories as a Kindle e-book on Amazon. It is a revised version of a book I wrote eight years ago during my postdoc in South Africa. After publishing Walking in Footsteps of Promise last year, I thought why not resurrect Fresh Ereba, which has always felt half finished since it was never published in paperback or hardcover format. For the second edition I rewrote parts of each story to emphasize more active and visual aspects, to make the stories more captivating for children. I also enriched a few stories with dialogue, included a short summary highlighting the moral of each story and added a list of ten fun educational activities for kids. On top of this, I commissioned a new eye-catching book cover which better conveys the contents and target audience of Fresh Ereba.

Following a three day book promotion on Amazon, I am pleased to announce that after just a week Fresh Ereba has risen into the top 100 list of Best Sellers (#79 to be exact) in the genre Historical Caribbean & Latin American Fiction. I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported me in reaching this milestone. It is truly a dream come true and hopefully a harbinger of better things to come in 2020. Stay safe and healthy!

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