It is impossible to look at someone and see their struggle. You can never fathom what horrors they have survived nor comprehend the demons that they have wrestled in the past in order to come to this point in their journey. No matter what you see on the surface – the lines on their face, the amount of grey hair on their head or the number of scars dotting their body – that can never capture the full depth and breadth of an individual human’s experience.

We all have a cross to bear in life, even if some burdens may appear heavier than others. There are downsides and positives to everything. Every strength and blessing is at the same time a weakness and a curse. So we must learn to play the game of life with the hand we have been dealt, rather than bemoan the lot we have been given. This for me is the call to adventure in life. If everything was easy and went our way would our lives be as rich? The dips and valleys help us to appreciate the ups and hilltops in life.

So as I weather the storm that this season of life has brought I am reminded that this is but a negligible moment in time, which will soon pass. This little nugget of wisdom is powerful: Luctor, non mergor! (I struggle but I am not overwhelmed!) For my burden in life is teaching me the lessons I need to learn in order to attain my higher purpose in life. No matter what others say or do. No matter the doubters and the naysayers. I know I am different and I will make a meaningful, positive impact on this world against all odds. Amen!

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