I had an emotionally and physically draining week. Especially on the personal front it feels as if I’ve a run a marathon and been in a boxing match all at once. In the midst of this maelstrom, I found a way to dissipate the intense emotional energy that was building up within me through writing. More specifically by writing poetry – a literary genre that I have dabbled in since the very dawn of my passion for writing. In fact, I wrote a poem this week for the first time in almost three years!

What I find quite intriguing about this rekindling of my dormant poetic voice is that it came at a time of tremendous upheaval in my life. Admittedly, when I reflect on the poems I have written in the past I am reminded of how most of them were penned in times of turmoil and distress: heartbreak, homelessness, loss and so on. So I guess I should have seen it coming, but I didn’t. The past few years I have somehow not been able to muster the creative imperative to write poetry. At least not until now.

At the same time, I received a jolt of inspiration from a good friend who shared a beautiful poem from Rumi, my favorite poet, which captured my imagination and reignited the creative flame within me. The poem, entitled Beyond, is pure poetic finesse (see for yourself). While I would never dare to claim that I could reach such exalted heights as Rumi, I do believe that Beyond influenced me to dig deeper when I put pen to paper this time.

So without further adieu I share my latest poetic creation, which was born amid the emotional rollercoaster that I endured this past week:


Like a ghost from a past that doesn’t belong to us
We collide, crashing down into the well of our buried dreams,
A passionate secret whispered in the ear,
A lie on the tip of the tongue of dispair,
Seeking truth amid a bottomless sea of fear
Knee-deep in guilt, yet yearning to be forgiven
For we both must learn to come clean instead of treading these murky waters of self-deception,
Not wanting to stand alone exposed in this cold stormy desert of heartache
Consoled only by confronting the same torturous demons,
We inhabit each other, the infinite parts of our souls
Different yet the same
, desperately trying to understand each other,
Begging on bended knees for this holocaust of separation to come to an end


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