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Warner’s Bacchanal

Building upon my experience writing my debut historical fiction novel, Children of the Ocean God, I embark on another ambitious and exciting book project. My goal this time is to write a historical fiction novel about the legendary indingenous Kalinago (i.e. Carib) chief, named Indian Warner (also known as Carib Warner nee Thomas Warner). Born in 1630 on the island of St. Kitts, to a Kalinago mother from Dominica and an English father, Sir Thomas Warner, Governor of the island of St. Kitts. He was raised and educated in French and English in his father’s household until the age of about thirteen, when his father died. Thereafter, he fled St. Kitts to Dominica, where he settled amongst his mother’s people, and became their chief. From then on, he dedicated himself to preserving Dominica as an inviolable Kalinago homeland, by working tirelessly to unite his people and resist European colonization of the island.  

Tragically, Indian Warner was murdered in 1674 by his half-brother, Philip Warner, who was at the time Governor of Antigua. Warner’s Bacchanal is a compelling yet tragic tale of betrayal, highlighting the extraordinary armed resistance of ideigeneous peoples of the Caribbean against European colonial hegemony. Drawing extensively on the historocal record, this book will transport readers to the mid-17th century, at the dawn of British and French expansionism into the Caribbean region.

For me, this is much more than just a writing project it is my calling.
Warner’s Bacchanal is a book rooted in my desire to raise awareness about the richness of Caribbean history and uncover the untold stories of resistance that shaped the region.

Ning Ning: A Collection of Caribbean Bedtime Stories for Children

This writing project will focus on my sophomore children’s book, Ning Ning. The title is derived from a Barbadian dialect saying – ning ning – which means to be sleepy. Ning Ning, like Fresh Ereba, will be an anthology of 10 bedtime stories for children. It will include some illustrations and fun educational activities for kids. Slated for publication in 2025, this will be a perfect storytelling resource for parents and grandparents alike seeking to entertain as well as stimulate the enquiring minds of children aged four to ten years old. 

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