This week I am writing about something that has been on my mind for the past few months. Struggle and success. These two words are strange companions, that do not seem at first to go hand-in-hand. Yet, you can’t taste the sweet nectar of success without surmounting a few setbacks along the way. In fact, it is in the striving and learning process where the beauty of success lies. Not getting what you want right away builds character, so they say.

But let’s be honest, struggling is not glamorous, no matter what you have heard. Sometimes, it is downright crappy. Getting rejected and crapped on. Being told you are not good enough. Having to get back up and to dust yourself off after another demoralizing blow. The greatest challenge is often just keeping your head in the game while preventing thoughts of self doubt from creeping in. It is easy to lose sight of the prize and feel like you are getting nowhere.

In many ways, that is how I have felt sometimes in my writing journey these past few years. With three books under my belt and a fourth one on the way, I am still frequently plagued by the feeling of being an impostor in the literary world. To this day when asked about my writing, I invariably call myself an aspiring author rather than just an author. Yet in truth when I reflect more deeply, I know that I have come along way and that my writing has evolved immensely from where I started (my first book published in 2010 was Squash Diary: The Story of How Squash Saved My Life) to where I am today, halfway through penning Children of the Ocean God (my upcoming historical fiction novel).

It has been an exponential learning curve to say the least in all aspects of the literary craft. From honing the art of storytelling by employing creative literary devices, to ensuring the book cover design is alluring and the formatting is on point. On top of that I have had countless humbling lessons which have tested my grit and determination to be an author. Let me tell you, marketing and selling books is not for the faint of heart, especially if you self-publish!

Without a doubt I see tangible progress but I am in no way complacent. Far from it. I know there is so much I still have to learn. As I continue to write and rewrite Children of the Ocean God, word by word, paragraph by paragraph, chapter by chapter, I find myself hitting my literary stride – like a marathon runner after kilometer number ten. It feels so good to be in flow! I am excited to finish this novel soon so that I can get this labor of love into the hands of my readers. Even now I get chills in my bones when I daydream about the book launch for Children of the Ocean God.

So without further adieu, today I am taking another bold step towards success while pondering the doubtless struggles that lie ahead. I am pleased to unveil the cover of my latest book – Children of the Ocean God (see the feature image above). This book cover means the world to me since it is the embodiment of an idea that I have held in my heart and head for so long. It represents a triumph of perseverance and self-belief. It is the first installment of a special gift that I am sharing with the world (more details coming soon). Here’s to struggle and to success!

What are your first impressions about the book cover? Does it make you more curious to learn more about Children of the Ocean God? Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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