It is decided! This summer I will go on my writing retreat to Finland in Northern Europe. There, removed from the hustle and bustle of daily life in the Netherlands, I plan to finish the first full draft of my upcoming historical fiction novel, Children of the Ocean God. Just like I did for Walking in Footsteps of Promise back in 2018, when I went to Madeira island in Portugal, I have chosen to venture off the beaten track in order to immerse myself completely in my writing. With thirty-two chapters and thirty-nine thousand words under my belt, I am eager to bring this writing project to a conclusion. It has been a labor of love and deep respect for my noble ancestors, the mighty Garifuna. However, the time has come for me to give birth to this opus and then move onto my next literary endeavor (stay tuned for more details to be announced in the coming months).

I chose Finland for this retreat because of its stunning and inspiring natural beauty which it owes to its vast, lush forests and expansive bodies of water, which cover most of its territory. Moreover, Finland’s remoteness is alluring since it’s sparse population density will ensure an absence of continuous interaction with others. As a result, it offers a refuge in which I can center myself and fully inhabit my own mental skin. I will literally be able to hear myself think and fully tap into my reservoirs of creative energy, which often run dry during the ebb and flow of everyday life.

As you can imagine I am keenly looking forward to my trip to Finland, which will in fact be my very first. While I am there I will be in Helsinki and Turku, as well as perhaps a few other places in between. Depending on where my fancy takes me I will explore the hinterland of Finland seeking to quench my insatiable thirst for the beauty that exists everywhere. During this time I will likely take a hiatus from blogging to focus more on writing. However, rest assured I will return with new ideas and a refreshed perspective. Wish me luck!

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