I can’t believe it. The launch of my debut historical fiction novel, Children of the Ocean God, is just two weeks away. My journey to this point in my writing journey has been an arduous one. It has been just over four and a half years since I embarked on this writing project on a cool November morning, which seems like a distant yesterday.

In the intervening period a lot has changed in my life and in the world around me. The COVID-19 pandemic has come and gone. I have changed jobs twice. I have endured a debilitating illness and recovered. I have loved and lost. Yet despite it all I have kept writing and rewriting. Above all else I have continued to learn and to grow my passion for storytelling, and for the history and culture of my paternal ancestors, the Garifuna (also known as the Black Caribs).

With the imminent launch of Children of the Ocean God I am thrilled to finally share my message with the world. Although my primary target audience is the half million strong Garifuna diaspora, plus the millions of people in the Caribbean diaspora, I hope to touch a wider audience thirsting for little known stories from the colonial past, highlighting Black resistance to European hegemony. At the very least I hope to raise aawareness about the Garifuna – an amazing tribe of free Black people who persisted and thrived during the some of darkest days of the Transatlantic slave trade.

Important book launch information:

1. Children of the Ocean God will go live for sale on Amazon on Saturday, June 1st, 2024

2. Children of the Ocean God will be available in 2 formats: e-book and paperback

3. You can pre-order an e-book copy of Children of the Ocean God from Amazon

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