Almost three years ago I came across a very interesting literary genre called the six-word story (also widely known as flash fiction). As the name indicates, an entire story can be told in a grand total of just six words. As incredible as this limitation may seem, it is possible to tell an engaging story – be it funny, dramatic, sad or scary – using only six words. To accomplish, it is imperative to be creative and savvy with word selection to ensure that every word packs a meaningful punch. As I noted in my earlier blogpost some of the most famous authors known today have dabbled in writing flah fiction uring their illustrious careers. Among the most well-known of all is Ernest Hemmingway, who wrote one of the most acclaimed six-word memoires:

For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.

Drawing inspiration from dabbling in this genre previously, I decided this week to have a ‘second go’ at writing flash fiction. Below are some stories that I came up with:

The hurricane blew the house away.

Windswept, drenched through, he arrived home.

The wind whispers as shadows lurk.

Distant horizon, seems closer, almost touchable.

Beyond right and wrong, lies truth.

Rumi wept, sliently in the dark.

Morning dew, marks a new dawn.

Fading memory mends broken hearts slowly.

War rages, discord reigns, civilization decays.

He walked till his feet burned.

The journey ended, her life renewed.

Peace comes, when hearts are open.

His face was seething with terror.

What do you think about these stories? Which one did you enjoy the most? Flash fiction is a fun way to practice creative writing, which is accessible to everyone. Perhaps this post inspires you to give a try sometime. Enjoy! Till next time, keep well.

Have you heard of the six-word story genre before? What is the best flash fiction story that you have read so far? I am curious to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to leave a comment below or to share your own six-word story. Also, if you would like to receive more updates about my writing please consider joining my newsletter mailing list by subscribing below.

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