I was commuting to work one wintery morning, earlier this week when an interesting wave of thoughts began drumming around in my head. As I sat there in the train rattling its way towards Rotterdam, it dawned on me that my words are powerful. That their strength is derived from my ability to speak truth to life. To give voice to the voiceless. To give shape to that which is amorphous. To express that which verges on the inexpressible.

In the genesis of this profound realization my mind started to race with unctrollable excitement. I whipped out my smartphone, opened the Keep Notes app, where I jot down all my random writing ideas, and I emptied my brain onto the page. Word by word, line by line; seemingly through divine inspiration, I released the dam of thoughts flooding my mind.

In the end, what emerged was a short poem which followed a 3-4-5-6-5-4-3 word structure:

Words have power,

More than you think,

Words cut to the heart,

They slice like a samurai’s blade.

Choose your words very wisely

For they have meaning,

Words have power!

Nuff said! It is not a haiku, but I feel it packs a comparable lyrical punch. What do you think?

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